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ŠKODA forms further partnerships with high-tech start-ups in Israel

Chakratec’s charging technology for example is very exciting for ŠKODA customers, who may soon be driving an electric ŠKODA. Chakratec has developed an innovative kinetic energy storage technology, with unlimited high-power charge and discharge cycles. By Boosting and stabilizing the power grid, Chakratec is enabling the deployment of fast charging stations – practically anywhere, with no need to upgrade the infrastructure and by that reducing the economic risk of the fast charging stations roll-out. Since it is a mechanical and not a chemical battery, it is also totally green and environmentally friendly.

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European Utility Week

THANK YOU FOR MEETING US The leading event showcasing expert knowledge, innovative solutions and foresight from hundreds of industry leaders, coherent with European strategy to achieve a smooth transition [...]

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THANK YOU FOR MEETING US 3rd international trade fair for mobility 4.0 electric - connected - autonomous october 16 - 18, 2018, messe münchen schedule a meeting [...]

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Electric vehicles make up nearly half the market in Norway

Electric vehicles make up only a small percentage of the global fleet of cars, but perhaps not for much longer. In some countries sales of EVs are soaring and overtaking sales of traditional cars. It’s no longer hard to imagine that the next generation will view the internal combustion engine in much the same way as we view the horse and cart - a relic of times past.

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