Smart EV Charging Solutions for

Gas & Electric Utilities

A sustainable, healthy grid with Chakratec’s Kinetic Power Booster.

Electric vehicle adoption may lead to changes in peak charging times and load curves, causing challenges for electric utilities at a local level. They must be prepared to manage the increased demand in charge load without overwhelming or maxing out the grid. For utility operators, innovative solutions are key to the widespread and sustainable growth of EV charging networks.

Chakratec’s kinetic energy storage system isn’t your typical stationary battery: enabling EV charging anywhere with exceptionally fast charging times, watch the video below to discover how Chakratec supports electric utilities in providing sustainable, accessible, easy-to-use charging to consumers that’s compatible with all EV types and chargers.

Chakratec EV Charging Advantages for Electric Utilities

Electric utilities benefit from Chakratec’s kinetic EV charging in many ways, including:

  • Ability to deploy charging stations anywhere without being confined to costly grid upgrades
  • Sustainable, safe & economic solution (non chemical system)
  • Efficient energy management systems absorb peak loads to prevent high demand charges contributing to a less-stressed, healthy grid
  • Expand customer offerings with EV charging that’s easy-to-use and promotes clean air quality
  • Innovate energy storage technology that is usable for 20+ years with practically unlimited charge cycles (over 200,000)

Learn more about Chakratec EV Charging

Access our product guide to learn more about Chakratec’s EV Charging Applications and the impact that these solutions provide today’s electric utilities.

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