Smart EV Charging Solutions
for Property Owners

Chakratec’s Kinetic Power Booster enables property owners
to join the EV charging revolution.

The number of electric vehicles on the road grows every day, with an estimated 120 million expected around the world by 2030. From hotels, parking lots, airports, shopping malls to convenience stores, all can now start to offer EV charging services in their premises.
Watch the video and discover how Chakratec’s kinetic energy storage system works and how we’re helping the real estate industry adopt EV charging at scale and boost eMobility anywhere, with no need to upgrade
existing infrastructure.

Chakratec EV Charging Advantages for Property Owners

Real estate professionals benefit from Chakratec’s patented kinetic energy storage system for ultra-fast EV
charging in many ways, including:

  • Economic with unlimited charging cycles
  • Totally sustainable storage technology
  • Opportunity to differentiate from competitors with a truly modern amenity.
  • Ensuring compliance with pending housing legislation around the world.
  • Accelerated charging means higher lifetime value for the energy storage system.
  • Flexible configurations for optimal performance in any indoor or outdoor environment.
  • Preventing high demand charges with an efficient energy management system.

Learn more about Chakratec EV Charging

Access our product guide to learn more about Chakratec’s EV Charging Applications and the impact that these solutions provide today’s real estate professionals.

Chakratec EV Charging Brochure - Boosting eMobility